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One of the most difficult and troubling of all the laws in the Torah appears in this week's parsha - the law of the 'ben sorer u'moreh' - the wayward and rebellious son. This is what it says in the 21st chapter of Deuteronomy: "When a man has a son who is wayward and rebellious, who does not listen to the voice of his father and the voice of his mother, and they warn him, but he does not listen to them. His father and mother shall seize him and bring him to the elders of his town, to the gate of his place.


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I recently saw – somewhat belatedly – the movie Hell or High Water. Besides being a great film, it really goes a long way towards explaining why Trump is president and what is happening in terms of race and class relations today in America. I highly recommend you see it.
In parshat Ekev there are quite a few verses about God’s strength and power. Most of these are mentioned in connection with the impending conquest of the Land of Canaan; God, with His strength, will make it possible for the Israelites to conquer the land He promised to their forefathers – it is His power that will guarantee their military victories against larger and stronger armies.
“What will the goyim (non-Jews) think?” This stereotypical Jewish question is usually understood as an unhealthy, fearful concern for how the more confident, stronger, culturally dominant gentile host nation will look upon and treat the weak Jewish strangers living among them: “How will our behavior influence the way they treat us?

Jewish Holidays

Sukkot: Being There

In Jewish trivia games – of a certain type – there is a well-known question: what Mitzvot (commandments) can be done by just being somewhere?

Jewish Life Cycle

One of the most important mitzvoth in the Torah is called the מת מצוה (met mitzvah) – a deceased person whom it is a commandment to bury.

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